I had such a massive resentment towards chicken because I think I ate boring, dry, chicken breasts every night for years when I was in uni. The following video describes how I felt:

Then, when I started doing the Whole30, I made one recipe with chicken thighs and I never looked back. The picture above was taken last week – I think I had chicken thighs with sweet potato every single day last week, but you know what? I wasn’t bored! What my typical evening looks like, is get in from work and head straight to the gym for about 5ish. Workout and then stay at the gym until about 7:30. Come home, peel/chop a sweet potato and season a few chicken thighs, bang them in the oven while I shower and get ready for bed. Cook my veg and then take everything out of the oven, voila! Done!

To change it up, I’ll usually just mix up the seasoning/spices that I used. Sometimes, its balsamic vingear and mustard, most of the time it’s salt/pepper/paprika or cayenne pepper. I’m a big fan of just plain olive oil and lemon juice too!

I eat the way the Whole30 taught me too – protein on the plate and then the rest is veggies! What most of my friends don’t realise is that vegetables are carbs – good, good carbs! I’m not obsessed with bread like a lot of people, but I won’t touch pasta because that shit is my kryptonite – my world was literally made out of pasta and cheese before I sorted my diet out.

And you know what? I feel like there are two main branches of fitness people.

1. “Well, duh”.

This is the kind of person who is like, “well, duh, obviously I’m not going to eat brownies, and cake, and lard because that’s not good for me”. These are the kinds of people who smell grease and go “ughhh”, and I really, really wish I was one of these people! But when I smell grease, I’m like…

and there is:

2. “I can’t have this”.

The type of person who non-stop is like “I can’t have this” or that or fun or anything.

And I definitely float towards number two! The second I am on a ‘diet’ or a ‘detox’ or a ‘reboost’, I feel what Jason Vale (the juicing god of this century), so cleverly describes as being in deprivation mode. My mindset switches to “I can’t have this, I can’t have that, I’m not allowed” and then the diet feels like effort, and the second I finish, I binge on crap.

I find that dairy doesn’t do well with my skin, and I break out very quickly after I have any cheese or cream or yoghurt. So, I try to avoid it as much as possible, but I’m not lactose-intolerant. Dairy isn’t life-threatening, and I LOVE dairy products. But, I’m also a firm-believer in, humans weren’t meant to drink cow’s milk – it’s a drink designed at calfs who have FOUR STOMACHS. I have ONE.

I also try and stay away from wheat because it gives me pretty bloaty cramps, and if I weren’t a lady, I would start talking about my motions, but that is a post for another time, maybe!

Hmm… well, I don’t really know this post started off, but it’s definitely ended in a bit of a mind-waffle rant!

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