I’m a little girl – as in, I’m petite. I’m maybe 5″2 on a good day and at the moment I weigh in at about 52kg, but I like to use 50kg as a benchmark weight, as in when I do something at 50kg, I’m always like “that’s bodyweight”. Slightly cheating, and I should probably stop lying. Today, at CrossFit Central Manchester, we were working up to a 5 rep max for push jerks. Previously, my 1 rep max had been 47.5kg – that was about 3 months ago, and I hadn’t tried any heavier since. That was also a clean and jerk, so I knew I’d be able to go heavier if it was from the rack.

Anyways! So I landed the 50kg, with WAY more ease than I thought I would (you can see how shocked/happy I am in the following video). So then I tried 55kg, and I feel like the only reason I got the lift was because I actually thought it was 52.kg! Lifting is such a mental game with me because I came into CrossFit so weak and puny, and I forget that as long as I commit to a lift, it will usually go well. The 55kg isn’t that pretty, and I kind of bounce up and down twice, I think it was because I probably thought I hadn’t hit my bottom position properly, and wasn’t ready to stand up. But whatevs – I got it!

On a side note… I really didn’t like lifting when I first started CrossFitting. I found it SO intimidating. I could barely pick up the standard 20kg bar, and my form/technique was so, so horrendous (like most newbies). But, after a while, maybe 3 months of university CrossFit (2 lessons a week), my confidence grew. It was only when I joined real CrossFit, and started going practically everyday, that my technique and strength could get better. I never thought that I would be a proper CrossFit girl, or could go into a gym and impress people with the weight I was lifting!

I think because I’m so petite, I can get a massive chip on my shoulder about not being able to Rx workouts (for non-crossfitters, this means the recommended weight/movement for the workout). Rx is usually around 40kg for a lot of weights at our box, and 40kg tends to be the limit for what I can do, after about 5 reps of any olympic weightlifting movement, I get too tired. Historically, I’ve loved all the bodyweight movements – toes to bar, handstands, pull ups etc. because I have a pole dancing background and the only weight you have is your own to throw around! So, when I first started CrossFitting properly, it only took me a week or so to get my first real pull-up and push up. I’m still working on my strict handstand pushups – but they’ll hopefully come with time.

Anyways, to cut a long story short, what I like/what I’m good at is changing. I used to hate weights and now I get excited to lift and work on my form! I think that one of the prettiest things that I have ever seen is when a woman lifts heavy with great tekkers #laurenfisher 🙂

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