When I started working for my box, I did it in exchange for a free membership, because I had just graduated from uni and had a few months until my full-time employment was due to start. I was doing digital marketing, and my official title was “Social Media Queen” because I instagram/facebook/tweet etc. EVERYTHING . I always talked about doing my CrossFit Level One so that I could get a bit more money, but I thought I wasn’t good enough at CrossFit to go through with it! But after speaking to a bunch of different people, they said the L1 helped them out with their technique, more than anything. Its just an introduction to the fundamental movements and an awesome starting point for me!

To be honest, I can go through phases of being in love with CrossFit, and it directly relates to how much work/effort I put in. When I don’t give my 100% and I don’t do my best, I get frustrated because I know that I haven’t done things to the best of my ability. But, when I WOD hard, I feel amazing! So, my goal for tomorrow – 100% and nothing less 🙂

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