As previously mentioned, my diet hasn’t been clean lately. It kind of took a stroll through a garbage dump – a few visits to/from friends, lots of meals out, and an encounter with a dozen krispy kreme doughnuts made me stop and look at myself in the mirror. By no means out of shape, but after going from no dairy, wheat, sugar, legumes or processed carbs, to then having a few weekends eating crap, I felt bloated and full.

So, I decided, no more excuses! I’m going to go ahead and Turbo Charge My Life with Jason Vale’s 14-day programme.

What I’m Doing: 14 days of clean eating. Juicing in the morning and a solid lunch and dinner every day.

1. No white flour whatsoever
2. No food with wheat or yeast
3. No picking between meals
4. Chew your food thoroughly
5. Have as much as you like – within reason!
6. No ‘man-made’ carbs after 6pm
7. Exercise twice a day for 30-60 minutes
8. Visualise your goals every morning and every night
9. Drink 2 litres of water every day
10. Spend no more than 2 hours on recreational TV and computer use each day
11. No eating for 3 hours before bed
12. Don’t allow your thoughts to revolve around the programme
13. Follow each day to the letter

My reservations:

1. No coffee. I am a massive coffee drinker, and have about 8-9 cups a day when I’m working. At least 5-6 when I’m not. Its a horrid habit and takes a toll on my skin – dehydrating it massively!! I have replaced coffee for water in my diet and my body wants water. Saying that I have an addictive personality is an understatement. Coffee is a neuro-stimulant, and just like with any other drug, like heroin or meth, I am using coffee to level myself out and feel normal. Its such a massive part of my routine. Wake up, get ready for work, grab a coffee, go to work, get to work, grab a coffee, work, coffee, home, coffee, gym, coffee etc. NO MORE!!!! I also don’t own a coffee machine and am probably spending about £20 a day on store-bought coffee! I am not rich enough for this habit!!

2. No cigarettes. Ok, I admit it, I smoke! Its the dirtiest habit of them all, and you’ll probably want to stop reading now, but this blog is a part of my journey. I’ve been wanting to quit smoking for so long because I know that smoking is bad for me. I’ve put down alcohol for over 12 months, but when that happened, my smoking increased. I’ve had periods of abstinence, but every day I try and quit, something really stressful happens, and I can’t deal, so I go to my first port-of-call to relieve the stress – cigarettes. And every time I light a cigarette, I feel like I’m giving myself cancer, but that isn’t enough to stop. So, NO MORE EXCUSES, it stops now. As I write this, it has been 5 days since I had my last cigarette, and I haven’t really thought about one since.

3. Money. Juicing is expensive, healthy eating is expensive, etc etc. I am broke from drinking store-bought coffees, and I’m now going to embark on a 20-veg-a-day diet essentially!! So, I’m going to keep a track of my spending and see how expensive it really is. Excluding the first day, the £24 budget, because I am broke. Luckily, I bought a lot of veg on the Sunday before I started when I still had money 🙂 Right! So here we go!





Fruit/Veg Shop:
1 cucumber
4 avocados
4 apples
2 lemons
2 limes
1 ginger root
1 sweet potato
1 bunch celery
2 bunches fresh spinach
1 broccoli head
1 garlic bulb
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
2 carrots
1 red cabbage
Total: 11.60

Meat/Fish Shop:
2 tuna steaks
Total: 7.00

So, instead of shopping at the regular supermarkets, I am lucky enough to have a fruit/veg market next to my house, and live near the butchers/fish monger market in the Arndale (Manchester, UK). The tuna steaks I got were about the size of my abdomen, and I thought that was a pretty good price! I also feel like my fruit/veg shop would have cost me double in a regular supermarket.

So, day one:

6:30am – Wake Up. Drink a cup of water with lemon. Do my visualisations/gratitude list. Begin the juicing process
6:40-7:00 – I’m still using the recipe book so everything is taking a bit longer than usual, which I thought it would, because I’m unfamiliar with what I’m doing. I have everything chopped and washed – took me about 10/15 minutes. The actual juicing/blending of all my fruit/veg takes about three minutes. As long as my prep-time gets quicker, I’ll be fine.

7:00-7:30 – Prep my lunch. I should’ve really washed/chopped everything when I was doing my juice. Rookie error. I will learn for the future, because I don’t want to wake up an hour earlier than I have to every morning! Lots of chopping and grating!

7:30-8:00 – Get ready for work.

8:15 – On the tram to work. I’ve transferred my juice into a shaker and am drinking it, trying to “chew” my juice because saliva and chewing will make me think that I’m eating, and help to break down my food.

9:00 – On the bus to work. I really need the bathroom, but I know it’s just a 15-minute bus journey and I can hold it. But, it gets to five minutes in and I really don’t think I can hold it. Crossing/uncrossing my legs. Tensing/relaxing/shifting around in my seat.

9:20 – Run off the bus and make it into work. Go straight to the bathroom, and I swear, I’m in there for about 3 minutes straight. JUICE = WATER. Timing-wise, I probably should have drank my juice slower or towards the end of the tram journey so that I wasn’t desperate for the loo. Anyways! Enough pee talk.

10:00 – I am STARVING. Its too early to eat my lunch, so I just start going to town on the water. This is normal. Jason says that I’m going to feel hungrier than usual the first 3-4 days. Its ok. Its not the end of the world.

12:00LUNCH. I look at the salad I’ve made and there is no protein source! Shit! I can’t just eat leaves. So, I quickly ask my boss if I can boil some of his eggs. I add 2 boiled eggs to the salad, and end up munching on one straight after I finish the salad. To be fair. The salad was huge!! I didn’t have all the ingredients to make the proper Juice Master’s Turbo Salad, so this is the version that I made.


– 1 cup spinach leaves
– 1/2 cups red cabbage (chopped)
– 1 carrot (grated)
– 1/4 cucumber (diced)
– 6 broccoli florets (grated)
– 1/2 avocado

– 2 tbsp olive oil
– Balsamic vinegar
– Juice of 1/2 lime

16:00 – I’m now leaving work. I have had THE most horrendous headache all day, and I know its because of the coffee withdrawals, and I’ve had 2 litres of water already because instead of eating I am drinking water. Jason says it’s ok to feel hungry, I don’t need to be full, bloated and gluttonous all the time.

16:30 – I am nursing the headache, but I am not going to starve any longer because I know I have two straight hours of exercise coming up. I have half a bag of mixed nuts (unsalted, just nuts) – brazil, pecans, walnuts, macadamias, cashews, almonds. I have a ginger and lemongrass herbal tea whilst my friends have coffee.

17:30 –  Head is killing me. Drinking loads of water. I WOD:

Death by Diane.
Deadlifts @ 70kg/100kg, HSPUs

1st minute – 1 Deadlift
2nd minute – 2 HSPUs
3rd minute – 3 Deadlifts
4th Minute – 4 HSPUs

I RX’d the workout, but 70kg is very close my one-rep max. The deadlifts got heavy quickly. I managed 11 deadlifts, and failed on 12th round of HSPUs, only getting 9.

19:30 – Head is still killing but I’ve had tons of water. Coffee withdrawals are a bitch. But I’m not hungry. POLE TIME. My happiest place of happy!! I landed all of the moves I was given, most on the first try, which makes me feel sickening and fierce.


20:30DINNER. Start dinner prep. Marinate my tuna. Do my washing up from the day. Prep my veg. Dinner is ready by 21:30. Which is pretty late and probably not compliant with the Jason Vale ‘no eating 3 hours before sleep’ rule. I’m going to improve on this, by hopefully prepping my food before I go to pole, so that its ready to eat when I get home.


Thyme for Tuna

– 1 tbsp olive oil
– 1 tbsp lemon juice
– 1 clove garlic crushed
-2 tbsp thyme leaves
– Freshly ground black pepper
– Tuna steak
– 1/2 red onion, slice into thin rings
– 5 cherry tomatoes

– 1/2 cup mixed green beans and asparagus

1. Mix olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, thyme and pepper.
2. Pour mixture into a dish large enough for the tuna. Add tuna and rub the mixture all over.
3. Leave to stand for 20-30 minutes (or however long you can wait!)
4. Lay each tuna steak on a piece of tin foil (large enough to enclose it because we’re going to be wrapping it up).
5. Place onions and tomatoes over tuna.
6. Close parcel and put in a steamer. Add green beans and asparagus to the steamer.
7. Steam for about 10 minutes.

Thoughts on Day One:
1. My head really hurts. Coffee withdrawals are a bitch, but they will get better. The first couple of days are the hardest, but I need to keep thinking of my skin!

2. My time management sucks. I need to get better at prepping so that I’m not hungry and tired, or rushing! Any time I have tried to clean up my diet, food prep is the most important thing because when I haven’t prepared, I automatically turn to takeaway food or something quick and easy that I can grab from a shop. When I haven’t done a food shop, I automatically turn to going to nandos because it’s convenient, but triple the price of buying some chicken thighs, a sweet potato and an avocado.

 3. 13 more days, really? Stay strong. Do what Jason says and visualise my goals. Clear skin. Clear skin. Clear skin. Finishing the end of the 14 days!! I like trying stuff, just to be able to say that I’ve done it.

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