So, life changes. Yesterday, I decided to take a risk and hand my notice in at work. I was unhappy in the position that I was working in, and after about a month of seeking advice from my friends and family, praying/meditating on the decision, I handed my notice in and have left the company on good terms. Already, a huge sense of relief has washed over me. I’m only 22! I’m now looking into PT courses, Pole Teacher Certification, and of course, my CrossFit Level 1! This now means that I have more time to study for those things, find a part-time job and save money for these courses, and finally do what makes me happy! All I want to do is help people, and I want to be qualified to do that.

Day Two!

I woke up at 6am, ready to prep all of my stuff for juicing. Instead I spent 20 minutes catching up on messages on my phone! So 6:20. I wash and chop everything and all my juicing is done by 6:30.

image(pic from Day 1 Turbo-Charge Smoothie)

I got an awesome sink colander from IKEA, so it was about £1 or something silly like that! It’s great because I can wash all my veg and let it chill there while I do other things. Day One was also the first time I have ever dealt with an actual pineapple. Didn’t know how to chop it, so yolo’d it (yes, I use that as a verb).



Turns out its super easy to chop pineapple. I sliced it in half because I only needed half a pineapple for my juice.



Then I sliced the brown sides off. So easy, I don’t know why I panicked! Fear of the unknown, eh?

I actually tweaked the recipe for my juice this morning. I didn’t have time to pop to the shop yesterday to get apples, so I replaced the apples for carrots that I had in the fridge, and decided to spice things up with a bit of ginger! It turned out kind of like The Juice Master’s Green Power Smoothie

– 2 sticks celery
– 1/2 cucumber
– 2 carrots (or 3 apples in Jason Vale’s recipe)
– 1 inch fresh ginger
– 2 cups spinach
– 1/2 small pineapple
– 1/2 lime, peeled (or lemon in Jason’s recipe)
-Flesh of 1 ripe avocado
-Small handful of ice

1. Juice everything except avocado/ice
2. Place juice, avocado and ice into a blender. Blitz for 30 seconds!
3. Enjoy now or pour into a flask for later.

7:00 I’ve had my glass of lemon water while I was juicing, and I’ve just left for the gym! I’ve got my flask of green juice, and a bit extra for my trainer to try. I do the WOD!

Death by KB Swings (24kg/30kg) and Front Squats (40kg/60kg)
1st Minute: 1 KB Swing
2nd Minute: 2 FS
3rd Minute: 3 KB Swings
4th Minute: 4 FS

I did the swings at 20kg – I think I’m struggling to go heavier because of technique issues – that I am working on! The front squats I did at Rx. They got heavy pretty quickly, and you had to clean the bar from the floor, which is fine, and a weight that I’m capable of doing. My squat cleans aren’t great though, and I always bring my feet too wide. Something I’m aware of, but when I’m tired, I get lazy, and fall into old habits. I managed 11 KB swings and failed on the Front Squats – managed to get 8. Very similar to yesterday’s WOD!

9:00 After I’ve cooled down, had my juice, I go for coffee with friends from the box. Except I’m not having coffee, and instead of saying “I can’t have coffee”, I’m saying, “I can have yummy herbal teas that I’ve never tried before”. So instead, I have an echinacea tea. Echinacea is a flower that is used as an immune-booster, and is supposed to help treat colds and things like that! Friends have told me that they use the pill-form daily, others will use it only when they are ill. It tastes pretty yummy 🙂

So, I sit in our local coffee shop, Popup Bikes, who make great coffee and toasties (totes not paleo, but go treat yourself!) for a couple of hours, doing some work blablabla. I watch as my trainer scoffs down the aptly dubbed “CrossFit Sandwich” – a whole can of tuna, double cheese and caramelised onions on granary bread. <insert homer gargle noise here>. I am starving, staring at him, so I stop staring! Stop it, Ziggy! Jason says not to make the programme your life – to have a life! Right, so I’m just going to focus on what I’m doing and not on him eating. But, it smells so good! Soon enough, he finishes off the toastie, and I don’t have to torture myself. So I work until about 11:15, then go home to make lunch.

One of Jason’s rule’s is to stick to the programme to the letter. He also says that he doesn’t mind what I eat as long as it is along similar lines to what he makes. So, lunch!



I’m sorry Jason – I used bacon. Jason Vale says pork is bad. I’m sure it is because pigs eat everything and anything, but I had two pieces of bacon left in the fridge, and I am skint, so sue me!

– 2 rashers of bacon (diced)
– A handful of brussels sprouts (sliced)
– 4 asparagus (sliced)
– 1/2 red onion (sliced)
– Tuna steak (I cut my huge tuna steak in half so I could the other half for later)
– Sesame seeds

1. Cover tuna steak in sesame seeds
2. Place a skillet on the hob, and add bacon to the hot pan
3. After about a minute, add sprouts, asparagus and onion. Letting them cook in the bacon oil.
3. Once the onions are soft, remove the veggies from the pan and transfer to a plate.
4. Place a griddle pan (or skillet) onto a hot hob.
5. When the pan is very hot, add tuna steak.
6. Flip when colour changes to almost mid-way through the steak. Repeat on other side. (I like my tuna quite raw in the middle, so I don’t overcook this)
7. Eat UP.

Right. CONFESSION. I was still so hungry after I had eaten, that without even thinking, I picked up a piece of chocolate that was on top of my chest of drawers, and before I’d known what had happened, I’d swallowed. I felt insta-guilt! But that also just shows me how I’m not even thinking about what I’m doing a lot of the time, I’m not being mindful. My mind will trick me into thinking that its ok to be naughty, because whatevs, its one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. But they come with 3-in-a-pack, and I’ve had one, so I might as well have the whole pack, right? No. Don’t have the whole pack! The whole point of this challenge is to have a bit of discipline and to kick the sugar addiction. Having said that, I am NOT going to beat myself up about one piece of chocolate. I’m just not going to do it again. Plus, no one would have known if I just kept blogging about all the good stuff I ate! So, I was honest, and let’s face it, it would be pretty boring if I was perfect, right?

Confession Over. Progress on the headaches: much milder! The dull thud is still there, but I just keep drinking lots of water. I’ve also had a hibiscus ginger & goji berry tea, and another pot of echinacea tea. Its 15:00 and I’m still working away at Popup. I have been talking myself out of buying a toastie, and my mind keeps going, “but no one will know”. I’ll know. Shuddup brain!

16:00 Started prepping dinner because I got so hungry, and figured. I should eat now, work out, go home, sleep. Rather then starve, work out, starve, eat, sleep. So! I just made a super-simple, turbo-charge-compliant meal that was not from the recipe book.



– 2 chicken thighs
– Cayenne pepper
– Fresh ground black pepper
– Olive oil

– Green Beans
– Kale
– Asparagus
– Red Bell Pepper
– Garlic clove (crushed)

**The reason I haven’t put measurements is because I y0lo’d and just added however much I wanted of whatever was in my fridge! Not an exact science, but it’s not really my style!

1. Preheat oven to 180C.
2. Combine olive oil, cayenne pepper and black pepper in a shallow oven dish.
3. Rub chicken thighs in mixture and place in oven for 30-40 mins.
4. Wash and chop remaining veg to your liking (dice, slice, whatever floats your boat!)
5. Steam kale and green beans in a steamer
6. Whilst the other veg is in a steamer, heat some olive oil (or your preferred fat) in a skillet.
7. Add crushed garlic to the pan and stir around until fragrant.
8. Add bell pepper to the pan and keep frying, making sure nothing sticks to the pan.
9. When bell pepper has gone soft, remove from the heat.
10. Add steamed veg to the garlic pan and mix.
11. Remove chicken thighs from the oven. Plate that shit up!

19:15 Workout 2 of the Day! Pole. I’m currently a student at BodyBarre who are an awesome studio. I’m doing two silver level courses, and one all-levels course per week. Hopefully going to be able to go up to a gold level in a couple of months if I can afford it! Below is a video of me practicing a reverse grab spin to a climb. Looks simple! Try it out 🙂

20:30 Not hungry and feeling really good! Had a couple mouthfuls of homemade cashew nut butter before I went to pole though! Ready to shower, crawl into bed, and wake up for my early morning WOD again!

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