Its really levelled-out. I still have a headache, but its much milder than the first two days, and it hits later and later during the day. When I reintroduce coffee back into my life, (and let’s be honest, I will) I’m really going to try not to do the 8 or 9 cups a day thing! Or I can always go for a herbal tea – I don’t HAVE to drink coffee, even though I love it 🙂 One cup a day won’t hurt. 20 cups a day will.

I’m getting to bed a lot earlier now as well, which means that I have more time to sleep in the morning. Especially with it being daylight savings time now, and it being so dark all the time, it can be really difficult to motivate myself to get out of bed in the morning!

6:30 wake up and drink my lemon water
7:00 WOD.

Death by Grace. (Clean & Jerks @ 40/60kg)
1st Minute – 1 C&J
2nd Minute – 2 C&J
3rd Minute – 3 C&J

I didn’t do Rx todimageay – even though I know I can do that weight – because I wanted to be able to do more reps and go for longer. I’m really bad at doing multiple reps of anything that involves bringing the bar down from overhead. I have a horrible habit of slamming the bar into different parts of my body and have, in the past, injured myself (see picture to the right from the first time I ever did lots of hang cleans). When I bring the bar from my overhead position back to my rack position, I get so scared of smacking my collarbones. I’ve been told that I need to get bigger shoulders. Great advice! I’ll be barbie walking around with ken’s arms, won’t I? Anyways! I managed to get through my 6th minute, and only managed 6 c&j on my 7th minute before the timer caught me out.

After we had cooled down from that WOD. A few of us decided to do one of the CrossFit Girls “Christine”.

500m row
12 x bodyweight deadlifts
21 box jumps

I was slow on the first row because I’m quite short, but I caught up on the deadlifts and box jumps. The deadlifts were relatively light at 55kg, and box jumps are ‘my jam’. Ended up doing it in 14:14, but think I could’ve gone faster if I’d pushed myself on the rower.

I’ve put on weight. It really bothered me, actually, and I didn’t think it would! My last weigh-in was at our box’s monthly, friendly, in-house competition at the end of September. I was 52.4kg. I weighed in at 55.6 kg the other day. The thing is, I know that its muscle mass. I know I’ve put on muscle. I can see it! I can feel it! However, it still bugs me because this is probably the heaviest I’ve ever been – even when I was at my un-fittest during uni. I know that muscle weighs more than fat and if I want to get stronger, I’m going to get heavier in the process. Weight, measurements, dress size – they’re just all just numbers.

Jackie Perez in the “Beauty in Strength” video (below) talks about how performance goals are much more attainable. Andrea Ager talks about how she put on muscle, and its what her body actually wanted and needed! I’m grateful that these women talk about this kind of stuff, because I very much started out getting fit so that I could look a certain way! I thought that it was no longer about aesthetics, but maybe part of it still is? I’m happy with my body, my skin is another issue, but there again – therein lies the problem. I’m always unhappy with something, or something could be ‘improved’ or ‘better’. But there is no such thing as perfect. Why do I go through these faces of wanting to achieve something that doesn’t exist?!

A couple of months ago, a good friend of mine told me to practice simple affirmations in the morning; she told me to try writing down or saying in the mirror 10 things I like about myself, even if I don’t believe them yet. TEN??? I could barely think of one! How bad is that? But, once I started moving away from the physical and concentrating on aspects of my personality, I found it much easier. Which brings about the question – why am I so uncomfortable with the way I look? Other women I have spoken to have said similar things, and why is it that we, as women, put ourselves down or can’t accept compliments, we have to deny them or give a compliment straight back because we can’t accept nice things being said about us. So, I have been practicing saying “thank you” to compliments, even if I don’t believe them… yet. I’m practicing acceptance – of myself and others! I’m also trying to practice a bit of modesty and humility as well, because sometimes I play my ego off as being humorous, but it’s not really funny most of the time. Self-awareness of my faults is one thing, acceptance of the things that I have no control over is another thing, and the willingness to change the faults that I can is a completely separate thing. I try and work on all three in small amounts on a daily basis!

Anyways! Back to my day! 9:00 had a herbal tea and my green juice. Did some work and caught up with my life for a few hours. For lunch, I decided to use up the last bit of my tuna steak. Baked in the oven and sauteed some veg in balsamic vinegar.

– Tuna Steak
– Tomato (sliced)
– Thyme
– Brussels Sprouts (sliced)
– Asparagus (chopped)
– Green beans (chopped)
– Olive Oil
– Balsamic Vinegar
– Fresh ground black pepper


1.Preheat oven to 180C
2. Combine olive oil, thyme and fresh ground pepper in a dish
3. Cover tuna in mixture
4. Place a few slices of tomato on a baking sheet/foil
5. Place tuna steak on top of tomato slices
6. Place remaining tomato slices on top of tuna steak
7. Wrap the edges of the foil over into a parcel
8. Place in oven for ~20 mins.
9. Sautee asparagus, sprouts and green beans in a pan
10. Add balsamic vinegar to pan and stir for about 5 minutes
11. Serve that shit!

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