As some of you may know, I’ve recently been offered a fabulous opportunity to work with some great people, who have created the Tyler & Hall Bakery, which is a sub-company of Fibonacci UK Ltd.

1939756_622241891221426_7321340052714703215_nJust a little background – Fibonacci UK, is a purveyor and supplier of awesome food and drink products. The owner and director, Ben, is extremely passionate about the products he sources and endorses. He is the North West distributor of famous brands like, Vita Coco, who are best-known for their coconut water, and more recently, their coconut oil! Since meeting him, he has introduced me to a plethora of fantastic products. My new favourite is Rebel Kitchen (UK)! They do yummy dairy-free “mylk”, my favourite is the matcha green tea mylk. I don’t even like matcha green tea! Yet, I’ve been converted! He also supplies Propercorn, a healthy snack, and Charbrew Tea, a company that started out in a guy’s garage when he started brewing his own tea!

Chocolate BrowniesBut, the Tyler & Hall Bakery, run out of a health-certified kitchen, is a new up-and-coming paleo-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soon to be vegan-friendly bakery! I’m not going to lie, I’ve developed a bit of a sweet-tooth over the last couple of years. I want to have my cake and eat it too… always. I like to say that I’m not much of a chocolate fan, but when I tried the Tyler & Hall chocolate brownies (made with 100% Peruvian Cocoa), I quickly changed my mind!! They are so rich and chocolatey – the perfect guilt-free treat!

Ingredients: coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut flour, eggs & 100% raw cocao powder.

Cals: 260 Protein: 3.7g Carbs: 28.69g Fat: 16.10g
(nutrition per slice)

Choco BananaMy second favourite, guilt-free goodie, is the banana and walnut muffin! All the muffins are great, but these bad-boys are just so moist and naturally sweet!There’s nothing worse than a dry muffin! I bit into one and couldn’t believe there was no added sugar in them! Jules, the baker, is an absolute genius! I think these serve as a brilliant breakfast-on-the-go, snack or guilt-free treat. I’ve been selling them to my busier friends, who don’t particularly like cooking, or tend to buy their breakfast at a train station, or work in busy jobs where they don’t get a proper lunch break.

Ingredients: almond flour, coconut flour, honey, coconut oil, bananas, eggs & walnuts

Cals: 257 Protein: 4.97g Carbs: 19.28g Fat: 18.01g
(nutrition per muffin)

They also have lemon & blueberrychocolate & banana, and lemon & poppyseed muffins too! All nutritional information is on their facebook page. At the moment, they are selling a dozen for £20 – and you can pick & choose what you like! If you want half brownies, and the rest mixed muffins, Jules will accommodate! Its a lovely, small business that is growing very quickly! They stock their goodies at CrossFit Central Manchester, Mug on John Dalton Street, and Wahu in Spinningfields. They also send their goodies by mail order, so if you don’t live in Manchester, you don’t have to miss out!

If you’d like to know more about them or if you’re interested in ordering a personal dozen, or stocking them in your cafe or place of work – get in touch with me personally! Either via the Tyler & Hall Facebook page, in the comments section below, or direct message me on twitter (@zigcookslifts) or instagram (zigcooks_ziglifts).

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