SKI 2So, January is almost over and since the beginning of December all I have done is eat! As you do! I have to admit, in the beginning, I felt really guilty for not eating paleo. For starters it was Christmas, so I just ate everything in sight. Then after Boxing Day, I went to a Hindu wedding in Dubai, which was just buffet after buffet – loads of deep-fried canapes, lentil curries, hummus, roti bread! Then I went to France for the first time and went skiing for the first time – suffice it to say there was loads of bread and cheese! My first time skiing was tough! I was so sore – especially after doing zero exercise for 5 weeks!

But you know what – I was fine. I didn’t die. I felt bloated a lot of the time, and every now and then I would have a bit of stomach cramping (from my overstuffing I think), but all in all, I survived. Legumes were fine, dairy is still a bit of a funny one with my skin, but for the most part, as long as I stayed away from sugar, I had a pretty good time. Having said that, in Chamonix (France) I insisted on getting crepes and waffles covered in nutella and chantilly cream!

Also, Its not like lentil curries and hummus are bad for you – they just aren’t paleo! I can deduce that I survived and I didn’t really have any problems with them, which means, lucky me –  I’m going to start experimenting in the kitchen with them.


I also did my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course, and passed, whoop! I sat in a really interesting nutrition lecture, and learned a bit about the Zone ‘Diet’ (I don’t really feel like its a diet because its actually sustainable). My trainer has tried getting me to Zone for a while, but I just wasn’t disciplined and wasn’t really interested in portion control. I’ve always thought “I can eat as much as I want as long as its good”, and a lot of the time, I cook enough for a family of five and I’ll eat all of it!

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 09.48.01From my understanding, the Zone utilises the ever-important Macronutrients (the 3 main big nutrients our bodies need Protein, Fat & Carbohydrates). Based on your body type (Large Male, Medium Female etc) your day is then split up into BLOCKS. Each meal is split into BLOCKS of Protein, Fat and Carbs. The CrossFit Seminar Training Guide stipulates that:

“A block is a unit of measure used to simplify the process of making balanced meals.

7 grams of protein = 1 block of protein

9 grams of carbohydrate = 1 block of carbohydrate

1.5 grams of fat = 1 block of fat”

Let’s use me for example. I am a Small Female. My day is going to be split into 10 blocks – that’s 3 main meals and 2 snacks. So, my breakfast is going to have 2 blocks of Protein, 2 blocks of Carbs, 2 blocks of Fat. It sounds complicated, but they provide examples of what one block is. Say, for example I wanted eggs, bacon, avocado and toast for breakfast.

Protein Block 1: 1 oz (30g) Bacon
Protein Block 2: 1 large egg
Fat Block 1: 1 tbsp avocado
Fat Block 2: 1/3 tsp butter (for my toast)
Carbs Block 1: 1/2 slice toast
Carbs Block 2: 1/2 slice toast

For me personally, it seems like a lot of effort for a very small amount of food. But I’m going to challenge myself to 30 days starting from the first of Feb to zone, properly. No excuses like “I have work and I didn’t get a chance to eat properly”. Food Prep. Will Power. If I’m getting hungry at work, I need to make sure I eat before I go and that there is something waiting for me at home, or I need to bring an appropriate snack of my own with me!

If you’re interested in the Zone, there is loads of info out there, and the CrossFit Seminar Training Guide is available for free download on the CrossFit.com website.

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